Gypsy is an Austin, TX-based band of four young, trained musicians, songwriters, entertainers, who combine a plethora of musical influences to create a unique, engaging sound that leaves an impression that audiences remember years later.


Formed in 2012, Gypsy blends the gritty, yet charismatic vocals of Payton Nicole with the searing guitar work of Dave North.  Brother Devin North anchors the harmony on bass, while drummer Tim Smith drives the band's dynamics. 


Gypsy plays many popular Austin venues and benefits, including Austin's SXSW Music Festival.

They opened for ZZ Top at La Grange Fest, and have opened for Van Wilks' Birthday Bash (featuring Eric Johnson and Christopher Cross), as well as Native Sun, The Rock Blues, Wicked World.


”We love making music and want to record and play live music all year long. We believe, with hard work and perseverance, there are hit songs, memorable concerts and maybe even some grammys within our reach."

Payton Nicole- Vocals

Dave North- Guitar  

Devin North- Bass

Tim Smith- Percussion


Austin, TX